Welcome to Happy Hunter Farms Gays Mills, WI

How It All Began

It all started with a guy and a gal, their passion for gardens and kitchens, and a vision.  After years of growing our own produce and making homemade jars of goodness for ourselves, we began giving jars to friends and family as gifts.  With support and many referrals from family and friends, we decided to embark on a journey to share our goods with many more people.  We began selling our canned goods at local farmers' markets, and after a successful couple of years, we were approached by local stores.  We continue to expand our product offerings, as well as enter more partnerships with more stores and specialty retail outlets.  We currently maintain six local farmers' markets; however, upon our recent expansion of working on building a new retail site, we will be scaling back on weekly markets.  More info coming on that soon!

In the Works

We are working on some special developments in the product arena.  Think BBQ sauces!  More to come soon....

Our Vision

We strive to use only the best ingredients, keep the homemade look and feel, while bringing a quality product at a great price to your table.  

Our Products

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Happy Hunter Farms

Gays Mills, WI

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